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Area Director of Aventura
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Steven Pesso is a native New Yorker, who has been an overachiever in every undertaking he has dedicated himself to in his life. From attending Binghamton University, being a stockbroker on Wall Street, owning a mortgage bank branch office to now building a successful United Realty Group Branch Office, Steven has always been on the fast track of success.

Steven’s business acumen is directly attributed to the “Pesso Principle”, which includes complete knowledge and comprehension of all aspects of the business at hand, dedication, ethics and concern for the welfare of his customers. Steven's primary concern is that his customer has obtained the best possible outcome and that they are utterly pleased with every step of the transaction.

Steven's customers have used him for multiple transactions and refer him to their family, friends and colleagues because they trust him to look out for their interests. Steven has adhered to the “Pesso Principle” in every aspect of his life. He is a dynamic business professional.

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